Many businesses or companies have computerized systems that store very valuable data. Even though most of the visible information can be found freely around the Internet, still, without appropriate experience it is impossible to translate this information into competitive intelligence that can improve your business decision-making process. Sometimes, more information is hidden than is revealed, and throughout the Internet, there is hidden information, but, in order to obtain it, you need to know how to push the right buttons. This is where our expertise comes into play, and besides gathering the correct information from the Internet, we operate a network of trained intelligence personnel, who will collect information from human sources. Whether these are people who have access to information, whether by observation or by various interactions, we will obtain the information you need, and then translate it into a language that you will understand.


For further information about the services available for you, contact us, take control of the future of your business and lead it all the way to success.

Advanced capabilities for the business sector

The 20 years in which we served in special units and intelligence agencies have led us to recognize that there is also a need for intelligence capabilities in the business world. As a result, we have established W.E.P.A Agency, where we provide solutions for a variety of sectors. With our capabilities, including expertise in the cyber world and the use of advanced technologies in this field, most of which have been developed by us, we are able to provide businesses with vast quantities of real-time information relating to many fields, including:

  • Competitive and strategic intelligence
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions
  • Improved due diligence
  • Risk management, media relations, crisis management
  • Identifying a target audience and adapting cyber messages to it
  • Detection of internal and external organizational fraud
  • Information security services
  • Plus a wide range of options at your disposal
Full compatibility with all organizational requirements

The methodology by which we operate combines a wide variety of capabilities, such as cyber expertise and human intelligence, with which we can reach all kinds of information in any industry in which you operate: business, financial or personal. Throughout the many years of our operation, we have provided and continue to provide services to a variety of sectors; our clients come from many fields, including security, finance, the automobile industry, aeronautics and aerospace, energy, telecommunications, and the chemical industry. We are distinguished by our ability to provide solutions for a variety of sectors, by deploying the human and technological resources intelligently. In this way, we can gather business intelligence relating to any field, in Israel or around the world.

The various advantages of the services provided by W.E.P.A Agency contributes greatly to the different types of sectors. Reliable and competitive intelligence can be used to make strategic decisions, minimize risks and maximize profits. Because people are involved in the process, we are able to add the human dimension to the technological means and data, to identify, together with you, business opportunities that you did not know were available to you and, in general, to receive all the information necessary for making the best decisions for your organization.

Industrial peace on all fronts

As a leader in its field, W.E.P.A Agency is registered as a Ministry of Defense exporter and works under its supervision, so you can be sure that our professionals always adhere to the most stringent ethical and moral codes. Our activity is carried out within the law and according to the needs and goals defined by you. We provide services to the sectors mentioned above and to many others, both on an ongoing basis and on a basic one-time basis. Moreover, our services are available to you on a permanent basis as VIP customers who benefit from information gathering and security through outsourcing.

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