Penetration Test

A penetration test is a method that provides a broader picture regarding the information security system of a business. The test actually includes a simulated attack on the computer system, in search of security breaches, to examine whether there is access to the data on the computer, to check the response of the defense systems, etc. Regarding the nature of a penetration test and its procedure, these are parameters determined in advance by the company and the organization, according to the goals specified. The test itself does not rely on the existence of prior information on the organization in particular and on the security systems and computers that it operates.

To perform a penetration test, we combine our two main fields of expertise the world of cyberspace and human intelligence. The test can be conducted through the computer systems and the Internet, and simultaneously, also actively by human intelligence personnel. These personnel search for information and get the rival organization’s employees who have access to information to talk to them, to see how they react and to what extent they will cooperate, without knowing, of course, that they are talking to intelligence personnel.

A penetration test has a number of main objectives, which are:

  • To determine the feasibility of an attack on a certain system
  • To identify vulnerabilities with high and low risk, exploited in a certain sequence
  • To identify vulnerabilities that may be difficult or impossible to identify with an automatic network or scanning software
  • To assess the magnitude and impact of attacks on a specific business
  • To examine the ability of network protectors to detect and respond to attacks
  • To provide evidence to support an increase and investment in security personnel and technology

In addition to the technological means at its disposal, W.E.P.A Agency, also utilizes trained personnel, and this combination of capabilities is what leads to the performance of a penetration test, which will reflect a complete situation report on an organization’s various systems, including their advantages and weaknesses. The work methods we use are based on extensive knowledge and are comparable to those used by elite military intelligence agencies and the world’s leading intelligence units.

Consequently, we are the only intelligence company that works as a Ministry of Defense exporter, a status that requires high standards and the strictest regulation, while we combine uncompromising business understanding, skilled intelligence, and reliable human intelligence.

For further information about the penetration test, contact us today, and maximize your peace of mind significantly.

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