Humint (Human Intelligence) is a method of gathering information from human sources. Humint operations can provide all kinds of information, ranging from financial information, through organizational and marketing information (including product information), to the exposure of fraud, identifying sources of information, disclosure of false information, and more. In order to obtain the required information, we use intelligence personnel, operating on different levels on their way to gaining access to critical information. In most cases, the way that Humint operations will be carried out is dictated by the intelligence goals and is customized to the client’s settings. Humint is just that, the most basic service provided in this field, in which the gathering and transfer of intelligence are actions that are performed on a one-time basis, in order to achieve a certain goal, such as collecting the history of a competitor.

So when is Humint necessary? For the most part, the gathering of competitive or business intelligence is carried out mainly by obtaining information in the cyber world. All over the Internet there is useful and critical information that can be used to gain a business advantage, to identify opportunities that did not previously exist, and even to minimize risks. Experts in this field have advanced systems at their disposal, which enable them to extract information and data relating to predefined goals and objectives. However, and in spite of the abundance of information, sometimes the critical information is not found in either the visible or invisible cyberspace, aka Deepweb, and in these cases it is inevitable that the human factor has to be integrated into the intelligence-gathering process. Other reasons for the use of field agents for gathering information are: the nature of the country in which the critical information is to be found, the hierarchical ranking of the key personnel who hold the critical information, the fact that the information and key personnel are associated with a particular government makes it difficult to gather information, etc.

Using a field agent enables operations such as interacting with key personnel who have access to information, observations, and more, in order to gather all the information necessary for the process and to attain the project goals.

The W.E.P.A Agency intelligence personnel, who specialize in Humint, have 25 years of experience in this field, and have in the past served in elite military intelligence units. Their experience out in the field is what provides them with specialized skills, which enable them to receive intelligence that will serve the goals that you set for them. It should be noted that the gathering of competitive intelligence by human factors is a process that is subject to the laws of ethics and moral codes, and we do not carry out any actions that are against criminal laws. The combination of the cyber world and human potential is what enables us to provide you with effective results, helping you to minimize risks and increase business opportunities, and, consequently, profits. Through Humint services, you will be able to make strategic decisions that will have a significant impact on your continued business activities.

The W.E.P.A Agency working model enables us to provide a basic service per project or per ongoing intelligence gathering.

Our intelligence-gathering method has a significant advantage. It combines the cyber world and the physical world, and, therefore, our services cover a wide range of options. Our capabilities will enable you to reach decisions in real time, based on reliable and trust-worthy information, and to take advantage of the information sources that have been made available to you for creating new business opportunities.

In order for you to find the solution most suited to your needs and to gain a significant advantage, we invite you to contact us today for further information about the Humint services. We will be happy to assist you!

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