Humint Services

One of the oldest methods of gathering intelligence of various kinds is by utilizing human sources. This method originated in the world of international espionage and today many organizations and businesses make use of it. In professional jargon it is known as Humint (Human Intelligence), and, as in the past, it is still very relevant today, enabling the gathering of competitive intelligence.

W.E.P.A Agency offers you a wide range of competitive and business intelligence gathering services, and, when necessary, also incorporates the collection of information from human sources. This service is available as part of a basic, ongoing and regular framework, completely customized to your needs and settings.

Why is there a need for Humint services in the first place?
Well, in an era where technology plays a central role and computer systems are an integral part of the business, the Internet contains an abundance of information of various types. However, in order to extract the most vital information for you, it is necessary to use a company that specializes in the cyber world, and, in general, knows how to see the big picture. While we have the most advanced technologies at our disposal, which enable easy access to information hidden throughout the Internet, sometimes these databases do not provide the answer to your specific needs, and then Humint operations are required. In these cases, the cyber world provides the base and the preliminary preparation, and, combined with the physical world, it is possible to complete the task and gain access to relevant information that will serve the goals and objectives that you, the client, set on an ongoing basis.

There is a fundamental difference between Basic Humint and Humint Services. Basic Humint is just that, a basic service that can be used on a one-time basis. For example, if you want to obtain competitive intelligence just one time, we are here for you.
But you must understand that all information has a source and a target, which can change several times within a certain time frame. Therefore, one-time intelligence always refers to information in the past, because the information may undergo several variations and objectives during the time that the intelligence report is submitted. On the other hand, Humint Services is a regular and ongoing service, which can be used in the long term to obtain evolutive situation reports, at any given moment. This service will help you to improve the management processes of the organization, while you can depend on reliable ongoing information, on the basis of which decisions are made. Using these services, you will gain many advantages, ranging from valuable information received about your competitors, through managing and minimizing risk, to the identification of business opportunities.

The Humint Service will also enable you to prevent fraud, perform due diligence before making investments or transactions, and, in general, to operate in a smarter way.

Working with W.E.P.A Agency on an ongoing basis has many advantages:

  • Our services employ intelligence personnel who have been working for over 40 years in this field.
  • All of our intelligence personnel come from elite military intelligence units.
  • We combine the world of cyberspace and the physical world and therefore we can locate critical and exclusive information.
  • We use advanced technological systems and can also locate hidden information.
  • We can access all kinds of information in every industry, including financial, legal and personal information.
  • Our presence is global, and geographic barriers do not stop us.
  • We act in accordance with local laws, as well as moral and ethical codes.

You can gain access to a range of first-class services and find the truth on an ongoing basis. For further information about the Humint Services, contact us and you can lift your business to new heights.


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