Competitive Intelligence

The business world is known to be competitive, especially in the modern era, in which the range of possibilities facing businessmen, companies and corporations is growing by the hour. When the Internet world, which has made competition truly global, is added to the equation, businesses that want to prosper and succeed have to think about a slightly different strategy. So what should be considered in response to the new and dynamic world in which we operate?

The potential that exists in the Internet world has dimensions, most of which are invisible. On the Internet there is a vast quantity of information available that can become very useful. But without the appropriate knowledge and training, it is not utilized at all or is not utilized correctly, and has therefore not realized its goal, which is to serve the business on its way to gaining a competitive advantage.

Our goal here at W.E.P.A. Agency is to provide you with a precise solution and help you gather Competitive Intelligence from the cyber world; we translate it for you into clear, understandable language, from which a course of action can be taken and an implementable strategy can be set. In order to do this, we put at your disposal professional knowledge that comes from many years of service in government intelligence units, advanced technological systems, and human intelligence.

If the maximum utilization of Competitive Intelligence was a fundamentally simple task, there would most likely be no competitive intelligence companies. But, despite the existence of advanced systems in many organizations, the fact remains not everyone can find and collect the relevant information and then translate them for the organization to make strategic decisions. Moreover, the use and utilization of Competitive Intelligence are activities that require preparation and fundamental change in the organizational processes. We know how to find competitive intelligence for you, and at the same time turn it into results. Using our services, you will be able to create new business opportunities and improve the decision-making processes of the entire organization.

Competitive Intelligence gathering methods make use of existing information, such as advertising, blogs, social networks, webinars, message boards, forums, etc. However, these methods do not give the whole picture or add a new perspective, since they make use of information that is already publicly available. Therefore, we have developed new methodologies that use human intelligence. We provide you with access to intelligence personnel with many years of training and experience, who will collect vital information for you, all the while complying with strict ethical rules.

Working with W.E.P.A. Agency has many advantages. The combination of Competitive Intelligence gathering from the cyber world and human intelligence is what sets us apart from other companies in the same field. We offer you the best intelligence services and personnel, who specialize in gathering information, analyzing and arranging it for you. At the same time, our professionals work with the most advanced systems on the market and know-how to provide you with exactly the solutions you need in order to achieve your objectives, as we take advantage of our many years of experience in the field.

In order to succeed in the business world and make better decisions, it is often necessary to trust and rely on business intelligence.

Contact us now and help your business to develop and grow quickly and efficiently.

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