Our Business Intelligence Department

It has been founded by former elite special military unit personnel, who have over 40 years of experience in the field.

The purpose behind the establishment of the company is our willingness and ability to bring our expertise in the cyber world and in intelligence into the business world.

Due to advanced technologies developed by us and a reliance on-field intelligence methodologies, we are able to provide you with vital information in real-time and in many areas to offer you a variety of advanced logistic solutions in the field of information security.

All this, with a global presence and work in accordance with strict ethical and moral codes.

Why our customers recommend us
Webint & Humint

Our services combine the world of cyberspace (Webint) and human intelligence (Humint), a winning combination that enables us to locate critical information for many sectors.

Intelligence & Business

W.E.P.A Agency is the only company that is able to correctly integrate two worlds that don’t usually meet: the intelligence world and the business world.

Solid & Reliable

The intelligence gathered undergoes a business-marketing translation, in order for you to be able to make decisions based on solid and reliable information.

Some of our main business expertise
Due Diligence

Using a combination of human intelligence and the cyber world we will perform a comprehensive due diligence investigation designed to help you make strategic decisions for your business.

Risk Management

Ranging from psychological warfare, through identifying target audiences and adapting the messages to them, real-time crisis management, to collaborators operating out in the field, we will work to provide you with reliable and competitive intelligence.

Investigating Fraud

The sophisticated tools we have at our disposal, our expertise in the cyber world and our familiarity with the world of intelligence and the integration of all these in one methodology will assist you in investigating fraud inside and outside the organization.

Mergers & Aquisitions

Large transactions such as mergers and acquisitions can be disastrous, without reliable and high-quality competitive intelligence. We will help you identify and take advantage of business opportunities using critical and vital information.

Competitive Intelligence

Our ability to combine the cyber world with the physical world enables us to gather competitive intelligence in all fields and for all sectors, including information on competitors, risk assessment, analysis of market trends, and more.

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