We are training and educating armed professionals, Police & Security Forces, SWAT Teams, Special Action Groups (Mil), and responsible citizens.

Our mission is to give you the tools to be:

  • Safe (with your weapons),
  • Skillful (in your manipulations),
  • Accurate (while shooting) and proficient in all defensive/offensive actions.

We are experts in:

– Firearms (Handgun, rifle/carbine, shotgun, long-range shooting) technics and tactics.

– Hand-to-hand combat, knife defense, improvised weapons, and means of intermediate constraint (pepper spray, tactical baton, handcuffing).

– Tactical and realistic training.

We will prepare you and your organization to be able to face any kind of situation and efficiently adapt yourself to the immediate and dynamic changes inherent to combat chaos.

Training categories

Weapons Manipulations

Alternative, non-lethal weapons and tools

Bare-Hands, Improvised Weapons, and tactics for professionals & responsible citizens

LE/MIL/Security Forces Professional Knowledge Courses & Consulting

Dynamic Combat Courses

– First Responder

– Buddy Teamwork

– Squad / Platoon

& More…




More than 15 years of operational expertise as well as training of public and private security services, in Switzerland, Africa, U.S.A, and the Middle-East.


Experienced instructors who are pedagogues, upright, versatile and competent.

Tailored trainings

Real expertise in the protection and training of high dignitaries and their entourage.


A passionate team, dedicated to the needs of its customers.

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Did you like it?

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