What distinguishes us:


Our experienced field officers will bring you the most relevant information and will provide you the intelligence which can not be gathered by any other sources

Operative Intelligence

Influence & Counter-influence

Intelligence Synergies

HUMINT (Gathering & Operations)

Middle-East Expertise

Our Intelligence service is specialized on the Middle-East due to a wide network and a complete expertise (languages, culture, religion, and more)

Some of our more requested services :

Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering on markets, politics, industries and more…

Operative Communication

A set of persuasive techniques used to propagate an idea, an opinion, an ideology or a doctrine with all available means and to stimulate the adoption of predetermined behaviors within a target audience.


E-reputation, is the common opinion on the Web of a real or imaginary moral or physical entity.

Influence & Counter-influence

The influence allows to defend its interests, to reach a precise objective by demonstrating to the involved actors the legitimacy of its position to obtain their support. Counter-influence aim at setting up a strategy of answer to actions undertaken to damage its interests.

About our Intelligence Services

In 2011, after having accumulated two decades of experience in special military units and intelligence agencies, we decided to establish W.E.P.A Agency, with the goal of making our intelligence gathering capabilities accessible to the business sector. With the enlistment of cyber experts, advanced technologies developed specifically for the process, and many years of experience in the intelligence field, we have succeeded in translating complex intelligence information into a language that business people can understand.

Global Presence

Why is it important to combine informatics (Webint) and advanced systems?
Many companies have information systems that are able to extract data from the cyber world, but not everyone has the experience or training to translate this data into useful and valuable business intelligence. Although these are advanced systems, without the proper knowledge or the ability to make the most of the information collected, this information will not be effective and won’t serve its purpose.

Business intelligence gathering has many advantages. The use of intelligence can aid in drawing business conclusions, streamline the decision-making process in real-time and make use of reliable information in procedures such as mergers and acquisitions, and, in general, to build a business strategy. With judicious use of a variety of available methods, you will be able to make better-informed decisions and thereby minimize risks, maximize profits and create business opportunities that were not available to you before.

W.E.P.A Agency services are available to you wherever you are, and they do not depend on our location or on your geographical location. In other words, we are not restricted to a particular location or industry, our presence is global and worldwide, with unique expertise in the Middle East and Arab countries. Our professional work involves various factors globally; our professional staff gathers the relevant competitive information, and we will strive to provide you with all the business information you need, in Israel and abroad.


Working in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and the destination country

When you imagine the gathering of intelligence, what immediately comes to mind is a picture taken from action movies, and indeed, it is often a challenging task that requires us to demonstrate our experience in this field. However, we work according to guidelines on which we won’t compromise taking care not to cause willful damage or to carry out activities defined as illegal. Accordingly, we will not commit to goals that we cannot achieve.

In addition, the activity of W.E.P.A Agency is supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. This ongoing supervision provides peace of mind for you and ensures that we are committed to the codes of proper conduct and ethical considerations. We operate within the law and therefore we do not take on tasks that deviate from this framework. The law is our guide, and we adhere meticulously to its various clauses throughout the intelligence-gathering process, whether we are in Israel or abroad.

Taking on a task, but not at any price

W.E.P.A Agency examines each task on its merits and estimates its requirements in order to meet its objectives. After this evaluation, we will present the information to the client and together we will define the options available within the existing constraints, budget and time, and the goals and objectives that the client wants to achieve. We understand that not all companies have the necessary resources, but once we have decided to take on the task, we will achieve its objectives!

No cutting corners

The process and methodology by which we work are defined, clear and consistent. The company builds a task portfolio and the task is originally defined by SVI (Stating Vital Information) or clear goals and objectives. These objectives are translated into operational orders.

Our professional ethics are what distinguish us and characterize the quality of the services we provide. We work according to a well-defined code of ethics thereby demonstrating our work ethic, meeting objectives, and maximum professionalism, values that are expressed in each of the tasks we perform.

All tools and solutions - under one roof

Working with us has many significant advantages. To summarize this in a few sentences we put at your disposal a range of solutions to help you achieve better strategic business decisions. We do this by combining cyber systems, which are able to extract data items from the cyber world and translate them into vital business information, and human intelligence, which is an important part of the process of information gathering. Our unique system is what enables you to find unequaled critical information, all while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and ethics.

With W.E.P.A Agency at your side, making successful business decisions becomes much easier, based on reliable intelligence information analysis.

Contact us today and enable your business to grow and flourish with the help of a range of advanced solutions.

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